Big Mac: Inside the McDonald's Empire
Big Mac: Inside the McDonald's Empire

Big Mac: Inside the McDonald's Empire

Go where no American has ever gone before. CNBC's Carl Quintanilla takes viewers behind the scenes of the world's most successful restaurant chain. In this original production, travel with CNBC cameras across the country -- and journey as far away as China -- for an insider's look at: What it takes to run a McDonald's restaurant -- and how lucrative it can be. How chefs in the McDonald's top-secret test kitchen are working to develop the next big menu items. Why the drive-thru lanes at McDonald's restaurants in China have caused unexpected problems. Get a look at how McDonald's is defending itself against critics who complain that its food is contributing to an epidemic of obesity in America. And peek behind McDonald's curtain to see for yourself how a quick-service hamburger stand grew into one of the most famous brands on the planet, serving 52 million people around the world each day. It's McDonald's ... Super-Sized.

Genre: Documentary





Release: 2009-10-27

Duration: 41 Min

Quality: HD

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